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The DGN Philosophy

Clarity and Reason

Clarity and Reason

It is an undeniable truth that the future is inherently uncertain.  

None of us can truly predict what will happen a year from now, tomorrow, or even today.

The reality of our uncertain future often creates feelings of anxiety. We know that emotions influence actions and fear and greed can play a major role in the success or demise of one’s financial plan.

Our job is to help manage these feelings, bring order, clarity and reason to these emotions.

Our belief stems from 3 SIMPLE TRUTHS:

1.  Maintain DISCIPLINE within one's critical decision making processes to reduce short-term temptations for future gratification.

2.  Practice PATIENCEMost successful wealth plans are designed to fund long-term, future promises.

3.  Have FAITH in the future.  It is impossible to successfully invest in the future if one is fundamentally afraid.

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